Chinese Rolex first person comments Patek Philippe Rolex new products

The Basel fake rolex Fair, I mainly talk to you two brands - Rolex (Rolex) and Patek Philippe (Patek Philippe). These two brands are my personal feel: First, the status of the altar uk replica watches is very high, can be regarded as a lot of attention; Second, this is my personal favorite two brands. So most of the two brands of new products I have commented, as the current Basel show other brands of new products, I only talk about my own interest in individual models. Rolex First say Rolex. Rolex launched this year, the new, the basic are still expected, not like the introduction of the new yacht II that year, so that we think it is unexpected. The first paragraph to say is the steel ceramic circle of Di Dayong, which can be said that Daytona once again across the board completely changed, before the ceramic ring are used in the precious metal above, but this time in the steel Section, the ceramic ring before the technical problems we all know a lot, not much to say here. This time in the cheap material on the universal ceramic ring, but also consistent with Rolex's usual style: from expensive to cheap. Ceramic ring in the use of steel, I infer that it will be hot, because the fake watches ceramic ring is still very selling point. Of course, I think the introduction of the ceramic ring may also lead to a boom - more nostalgic people will go to chase the year of the whole ring section, the whole ring is likely to be the same as in 2000, Rolex new movement just out, At that time with Zhuoni movement of the 4030 style was to steal all the light. So I guess, the market on the Rolex full-ring Di Daya is likely to be quickly steal the light, the whole ring feel the watch friends, should quickly start! 2016 Basel watch show, Rolex new steel ceramic circle Dieton 2016 Basel watch show, Rolex new steel ceramic circle Dieton In addition, the whole steel ring and ceramic circle the biggest difference is that the ceramic ring timeless, and processing technology is much more difficult. But the whole ring has a benefit, the watch will be worn on the hands of wearing the traces of wearing, the traces of life, I think it is still very feeling. Now Rolex, if that day are very new to wear, like never wear the same, but I personally feel less like. Rolex this year, the second important model is the new empty (Air-King). It should be said that before I introduce you to the empty before the mainland on the empty tyrants is almost no information, many people only know that empty Pa is the lowest range of Rolex series, but do not know its historical value and evolution process. Rolex new empty tyrants Rolex new empty tyrants Strictly speaking, this empty Pa made a few major changes: 1. Highlight the minute scale, because in the air time, minutes to be much more important than the hour. I also own some small air watch / air clock, the above minutes are very prominent; 2. Strange to use the golden yellow crown and green on the black plate, there are green second hand, which is very conspicuous, and has never been used before. In the 1960s, Rolex had used blue steel second hand, but never used such a yellow crown green Logo and green second hand with. The new empty hegemony highlights the minute scale, and for the first time in the use of golden yellow crown, green and green second hand with a new empty cover highlights the minute scale, and the first time in the use of golden yellow crown, green and Green second hand with 3. This is the first time that the empty tyrants use the Super Observatory movement. History of the air has always been Rolex relatively low-end series, in addition to the very individual models have been assembled with the Observatory movement, the vast majority of the market can see the amount of production is empty non-Observatory. I predict that the launch of the empty tyrants, will give Rolex great hope, because it's low prices. The third to say the style, is the use of a new long power precision movement (including the escapement are made of special material 3235 movement) 41 mm Datejust (Rolex log type), last year Rolex launched the 3255 double Calendar movement. In this year's Basel before the start, statement network editor Jennifer also asked me, Rolex will launch this year what new movement? I said at the time, it is possible to push 3235, and then really is this. I then predicted that next year should be the arrival of all steel models loaded 3235 movement. This movement is relatively large, power is also long, super precision, and anti-magnetic, should be the main movement of the future Rolex. This year the introduction of this dog teeth circle, five beads of Datejust, will become a long line of Rolex, the market is also a big love section of ordinary people. Rolex new 41mm Oyster Perpetual log type, using the new movement 3235 Rolex new 41mm Oyster Perpetual log type, using the new movement 3235 In addition, this year Rolex new products there are several characteristics: First, the introduction of the red gold chocolate surface yacht, more beautiful style; Second, the whole luminous scale explorer, before we have argued, why explorers 3,6 , 9 scale no luminous? This time finally all the use of luminous; the third is the face plate made changes in the new Celini, in all Rolex new products, the most I am tempted is a red gold flour Chelini. Rolex new yacht masculine type, between red gold chocolate face Rolex new yacht masculine type, between red gold chocolate face Rolex new explorer, the scale finally all the use of luminous Rolex new explorer, the scale finally all use luminous Rolex new Celini Rolex new Celini Finally, there are three color models Rolex is also very compelling. First, all the gold green side of the Di Tonga, I feel very garish; In addition, the green side of the day of the blog (Day-Date), but also very garish, but this green is not in front of Daytona green so bright; It is a gray pearl blue yacht, very elegant, but with a blue pointer, most people may not pay attention, but this looks very unique.