Which Rolex watch would you choose?

fake rolex watches old empty tyrants, is a more classic watch, in the past few years has been incorporated into the Oyster-style constant series. Compared with the new air force, the old empty hegemony of the outer ring for the Rolex traditional pit pattern. Blue dial, Roman numerals, three rows of chain design style set in one. Type, there are models, but also unconventional set of a replica watches uk. If the new visual fatigue, then, to an old empty Pa is also a good choice. Rolex explorer series 216570-77210 black disc watch and explorer series 216570-77210 white watch Since 1971, the Adventurer II has been involved in numerous expeditions around the world. Its 24-hour pointer allows cave scholars and polar explorers to easily distinguish between day and night, especially valuable. The latest adventurer II, with a 42mm case, is an ideal fit for today's expedition challenge. The accuracy of the watch depends on the built-in balance balance wheel. The general balance of the balance spring is made of a ferromagnetic alloy, making it difficult to resist magnetic fields and impact. After five years of research, Rolex use paramagnetic alloy, creating a blue Parachrom gossamer, not only from the magnetic field, seismic capacity to enhance ten times. In history, the blue gossamer will only be placed in the most accurate timepieces to show respect; now, innovative hairspring also distributed blue light, to ensure that Rolex accurate, perfect further. Rolex explorer type series 214270-77200 black plate watch Rolex explorer type watch, commonly known as "exploration one" (explorer generation). In 2010, particularly high-profile, because the classic uk replica watches to be popular at the time of the watch, and to look forward to the appearance of much, by everyone's praise. Watch which a lot of technology to enhance the deep roots, and its silence and elegant style has always been the same. The most significant change, to be the case expanded to 39 mm (compared to the previous 36 mm diameter), makes the new model appear more stable. Oriental watch line Beijing Jinyuan Lufthansa shop Rolex counter Summary: It is reported that Rolex hot water ghost series watches have been sold out on the shelves, green ghost is a hard look, some models are still in the reservationable state. Although the hot models temporarily can not buy, to a classic Rolex watch is also a good thing Explorers second generation and old empty tyrants are more classic Rolex money, by contrast, the watch friends will choose which one? Interested in the watch above the watch may wish to move around the shop to find out.