Rolex sold it on sale this year

Basel fake rolex watches show the same day, I "how to stay at home can also read a good uk replica watches ?" One article had to Rolex new ceramic ring steel tube Dietong and copper shell version of the Tudor Biewan as an example, and Members of the Friends of the Friends of the "how to appreciate the same as a senior watch friends and a watch." Now it seems that these two new wrist fruit live up to expectations, after the show is still the most talk about the watch fans, the most harsh watches. Not how good the next look, it is the prevalence of the brand popular wind. However, today, the first to leave the two burst of swiss replica watches do not talk about, I would like to talk with you on Rolex was discussed and the largest number of the third watch watch. It is important that this third has two options. Alcoa watch column author Hong Ding off, Basel sent journalist Amy guest Phoenix FM, chatting in the end of the Swiss watch in the end to sell well, but also for everyone recommended this year Basel worthy of the start of the new section of the explosion. Who said so expensive things can not have a burst of money? Cost-effective superior, Yan value of the watch will be sold! Explorer Explorer 39mm new explorer finally heard the voice of the watch fans, lengthen the hour and minute hands, while 3,6,9 scale put on the Chromalight luminous. By the official luminous beauty of the stimulus, I immediately consulted the watch friends, hope that the future can be this silver steel shell steel plated into a sub-black. Rolex 39mm new explorer's official luminous picture effect The new explorer's aesthetic is excellent, the price of $ 6,500 close to the people, won the praise of a sound. And the price is lower, only 6200 US dollars of the Air-King, in the senior labor group, but draw a love and hate of the two factions. Airbus King 14-year product line into the Oyster-style constant and was "off the door" of the air over the resurrection. But it is not difficult to find the new empty tyrants and the size of the new explorer close (only 1mm), the disk 369 when the standard style close, also used a Mercedes-Benz needle. The 3131 movement and the new exploration 3132 movement in addition to shock and magnetic performance on the small differences, is simply the same movement. So many friends lamented Rolex why a disk so much 555 new explorers? In addition to the new air force in addition to the retro Air-king font, the really is that the air over it? A brief history of Air Pa Rolex that it is Air-king, then we take a look at the history of the empty Pa is what it looks like. During World War II, the pilots prefer the size of the other watch slightly larger than the other 1-2mm Rolex Oyster watches. 1945 In order to commemorate the Battle of Britain and the anti-fascist battle of the royal air force pilots and their "never give up the spirit", Rolex released the Air King series. Air-Gion, Air-Giant, Air-Tiger (Air Tiger), and so on, 60 years are gradually out of the stage, to today only Air over the king. Rolex Air Giant Antique watch From the beginning of the birth has been maintained 34mm posture of the empty tyrants because of the popular, the disk appeared a lot of custom models. Today it is not difficult to find printed with Pan American Airlines, and even the United States and the United States pizza logo logo empty. 34mm posture of the empty tyrants because of the popular, the disk appeared a lot of custom models History of the empty Pa's dial color and variety, bezel, aperture, dog teeth circle, k gold circle have appeared. watch needle, the obelisk pin, the needle and the early sword-based. 1958 years ago with the then explorer watches share the case, the size was 35mm, and briefly appeared with a calendar style. But the overall appearance of view, as always, 34mm caliber and rod and pin style to maintain a good, even if the use of 369 dial, with the explorer watches are still not difficult to distinguish. Historic classic explorers (left) and empty tyrants (right) Therefore, 2016 empty the first "controversy" is to switch to the platinum Mercedes-Benz needle. Caliber upgrade to 40mm, the anti-new explorers 1mm, both in appearance has never been so close. Milgauss gene After the larger diameter, not only increased the readability of the empty Pa, but also for the new empty Pa added another "skills" - anti-magnetic. Professional flight watch magnetic performance has been the nations, Breitling and other brands attach importance to and stressed. The upgrade, empty Pa get to a professional flight watch of the necessary skills. New empty (left) and "green glass" anti-magnetic watch (right) Recalling the anti-magnetic nature of labor, to be born from 1958, the first paragraph, model 6541 talked about, in addition to the case with soft shell anti-magnetic and lightning needle design, it and today's green glass is not like. A look, closer to the same period of the submarine, the watch diameter of 38mm. Rolex Early Antique Milgauss Model 1960's second generation Milgauss model 1019 debut. Still retained the "huge" 38mm caliber, but canceled the lightning needle. Dial style simple and neat, with an oyster waterproof shell. Due to the larger diameter, the market demand for special anti-magnetic, in 1988 was declared discontinued. Then the output is not large, sales are not high, disk and caliber are in line with the modern aesthetic 1019 naturally become popular in the auction, expensive. Rolex anti - magnetic watch model In 2007, the re-release of the anti-magnetic watch "green glass" and this year's new empty Pa's case not only shape and caliber consistent, the internal Faraday anti-magnetic shell and movement are completely consistent. Only the middle chain of the bracelet is different. Green glass chain with the middle of the polished polished, before being friends criticized, the tool watch does not need to "shine". The new empty hegemony of the middle chain has been switched to brushed polished, more "low profile". New air raid Although the dial design and Milgauss series is different from the performance is completely desirable and replaced. 14 years before the listing of the blue glass green glass Milgauss, Could it be better than expected sales? The price of the new air force than Milgauss to 2,000 US dollars cheaper, really cost-effective superior. Stick to the racing movement of the kernel If the excellent anti-magnetic properties can reasonably explain the watch friends on the new empty Pa size doubts, then understand the dial design of the source, will let you know the new empty tyrant descent noble where the ceiling From left to right for the Rolex Bloodhound SSC custom tachometer and timer Rolex from the Malcolm Campbell era began to sponsor support racing, and thus created the brand's most important Dieton series. Will be the watch and the "speed and passion" associated with advertising addicted to Rolex, the challenges of the project encountered, never easy to let go of cooperation opportunities. The goal of the Bloodhound SSC is to break the land speed of 1,000 miles per hour. At the same time it is also an educational project aimed at motivating future young people to study science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Rolex began to sponsor racing from the Malcolm Campbell era In 2011, Rolex became the official timing partner for the Bloodhound SSC project. Three years later, for the project customized the above two car instrumentation. Left to be able to measure the maximum speed of the tachometer; and the right side of the timer disk is the new design of the empty embankment prototype. The above figure shows the local time 12:26; timing time has been 20 minutes and 16 seconds Six points for the local time display, and the central disk of the two needles, short and thick is the minutes of the minute hand, long is the chronograph second hand. The new empty Pa basic copy of this timer disk, and their combination of the classic 369. Read the 6 o'clock position there are small sets of instrument configuration, look at the new air Pa, suddenly feel the disk did not feel so messy before the mess. The new air is the first use of two-color Rolex logo watch The new air is the first use of two-color Rolex logo watch, crown and letters are consistent with the official Rolex logo logo. Combined with the above content, it is easy to see that this new empty hegemony is no trivial matter, with the original original logo for its "coronation", it is not too. 2016 Basel is worth talking about three new products Basel show this year, Rolex launched a variety of conscience, and Patek Philippe launched a public 28 new products, in addition to female models Aquanaut 5067A-024, all the precious metal watch. Labor, including most of the brands have resorted to best-selling watch money "value version" to deal with market volatility. Patek Philippe of this action, the king's momentum "side leakage." But think about the dismal expected under the watch also expansion of the king, can not help but pinch the sweat for it. And Breguet, Athens and other big names, the performance of cautious. ① 38mm diameter of the Blancpain fifty search Here to mention a Blancpain, with the Revolution magazines, 50 search finally returned to 40mm below the watch diameter. Calendar, dial font, the proportion of the inner and outer ring has not yet reached the value of 50 look at the watch engraved in the engraved level, but the 38mm watch diameter allows looking for a small caliber 50 looking watch fans full of expectations, after all, the brand has heard the fans , Began to engage in the test. 38mm watch diameter of the Blancpard fifty search I have been an independent watchmaking concept of admirers, for the independent watchmaker works to visit and promote their own pocket is also at the expense. Helpless works of low prices, and always can not become "practicing" loyalty powder. Independent watchmakers adhere to the traditional watchmaking and abstract creativity, often able to impress me like this watch fans. ② Mr. Monsieur de Chanel When Vacheron Constantin, Blancpain, Earl, Omega, or even three years ago, slogan or "designed for men," the nations began to pay more and more attention to female form, the focus on women's service Chanel has launched the first male watch. 40mm watch diameter, jump, minute hand flyback function. The hourly window shows the number of windows to the perfume bottle cap design. Focus on the service for the ladies Chanel launched the first male watch Aspect actually in the movement. Female watch complex movement before more than Audemars Pigu's APRP research and development, and this male watch "No. 1 movement" completely independent research and development production. Chanel quietly invest in an independent watch brand Romain Gauthier, this section of the wheel grinding grinding superb, are from the RG workshop. Milky white dial simple Junya, elegant black movement patchwork, very modern. Chanel old lady romantic suave, the brand of men's understanding of the preferences should be genetic. But privately, this watch name itself can also be understood as "ladies good partner". Met the Royal sister, I will recommend. Beige gold price is 34,500 dollars. Fabergé Visionnaire DTZ FabergéVisionnaire DTZ Russian jeweler law Bayi last year by virtue of jewelry watch peacock, gains watches Oscar said the Geneva Awards "best high complex mechanical women watch" award. This year, this dreamer dual time zone male watch, still by the master Jean-Marc Wiederrecht company surgeon. The second time zone is displayed at 24 o'clock in the center of the dial, through the magnification mechanism, the farther away from the dial, the greater the reading the more clear. The back of the movement figure can see the black hollow second time zone disk, the following is to control the instantaneous jump when the components. This set of components are also ingenious engraved into a "peacock pick wheat". This movement there is a hidden deep magic - looks like a manual winding, in fact, people are automatic watch. Hour and minute scale is actually installed in the transparent sapphire disc, under which the white plate with a radio is a secret automatic on the chain Tuo. Do not take a closer look at this surprise. 43mm of the watch as a non-genuine watch is still I can accept the range. The price is $ 29,500.