The cheapest Rolex watch is long

Mention swiss replica watches , many people will think of water ghosts, gold, etc., of course, where the gold is mainly refers to dd, dj and other related watches. However, these fake rolex are actually valuable, the domestic public price is basically sixty or seventy thousand, compared to some other luxury watches is considered relatively expensive. Then replica watches in the end there is no relatively cheap watch it? Of course, this is some of the friends are not familiar with the Air King series, the Chinese name empty Pa series. Today to share with you about the empty Pa series of content. Historical source Whether it is the English name air king, or the Chinese name "empty tyrants", we can see the meaning of a winner. See these also come to the basic understanding of the empty tyrants series of historical sources, it is Rolex to commemorate the British World War II in the British air war victory and special creation. It is thus clear that although the founder of Rolex, Mr. Wilsdorf is a German, but still very opposed to the then German fascist regime, or the first birthplace of Rolex is still full of feelings. After the advent of this series, the price of the watch is basically the cheapest Rolex watches, and in a sense, just to fill in the past, the cheapest Rolex watches and Rolex second-line brand between the Tudor is still there A price "gap". However, from the actual understanding of the situation, the watch over a period of time has been relatively "unknown", unlike other watches or Tudor as more familiar. The earliest empty Pa watch 6564, stainless steel, 34 mm in diameter. Like other watches, along with the movement of the ever-changing and design changes, empty Pa's models are constantly changing. The first generation of empty Pa watch, number 6564, with 1030 movement, its shape for the simple three-pin to black surface more. From 1957 onwards, the air began to run with 1530 movement, 1530 movement called the modern Rolex automatic movement of the prototype, commonly known as "butterfly Tuo", the automatic wheel no more red coating. In 1989, 3000 movement came out, empty Pa began to carry 3000 movement, its model changed to 14000 and 14010. In 2001, 3000 movement improved to 3130 movement, empty Pa model also followed to change to 14000M and 14010M. Rolex Oyster Constant Series 114200 white watch, stainless steel, 34 mm in diameter, waterproof 100 meters, the reference price of 40,900 yuan (subject to the actual price). Rolex Oyster Constant Series 114210-70190 watch, stainless steel, 34 mm in diameter, waterproof 100 meters, reference price of 41200 yuan (subject to the actual price). Although some of the watches in the Oyster Perpetual Series will be marked with "Air King", but the empty bag as a watch series has "disappeared" over a period of time, of course, marked "Air King" Oyster Heng moving series watches Relatively speaking, is relatively cheap, can also be understood as another kind of empty Pa series. This year the latest Rolex Air Pa series 116900-71200 watch, equipped with 3131 self-winding movement, stainless steel, 40 mm in diameter, waterproof 100 meters, the reference price of 48,000 Hong Kong dollars (subject to the actual price). In the retro wind blowing this year's Basel Watch Fair, Rolex's big thing is to re-launch the air tyrants series watch. The new watch, the main change is on the one hand the watch diameter increased to 40 mm, more in line with the size of modern wrist, on the other hand movement has passed the Observatory certification, it is worth mentioning that the Rolex logo green, gold Of the combination of Rolex for the first time, at the same time, particularly prominent Mercedes-Benz needle also used. Speaking of which, probably also understand why the empty bag before the series is relatively cheap an important reason, because at that time a lot of empty Pa watch did not take the Observatory to do the certification. In addition, the empty Pa watches are often relatively simple, generally no date display and other functions. General comment: empty Pa series of watches also have a roster-style patent Rolex style, so the waterproof function from the words, because the function is relatively simple and other factors, so the cheapest Rolex watches, taking advantage of the watch industry blowing this Shares retro style, empty tyrants series in a new look and returned to us in front of us.